• Project Ara will get its own app market
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    Project Ara will get its own app market

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    Project Ara, the world’s first modular smartphone, which users will be able to submit as a block, will be available next year. Google strives to emphasize the uniqueness of this equipment, so it plans to create a separate store where its future users will also be able to buy additional modules.

    Paul Eremenko, a Google employee, confirmed this information during a visit to Purdue University. The strategy of the American giant is to allow any company to design and sell additional modules that, of course, must match the specification. Their distribution will be via a dedicated market whose functionality is similar to Google Play.

    For now, we have not specified yet what modules will be available at the time of launch of the new product, but Google has already prepared for it. The company has just organized a special contest, asking companies to design the appropriate modules and to throw their own ideas. The best of them will be rewarded with 100

  • The end of space exploration is already near, the lack of fuel
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    The end of space exploration is already near, the lack of fuel

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    No more than a week ago, it was announced that Voyager 1 had left the heliosphere and was in the interstellar space. Unfortunately, on this occasion, we were reminded of a rather unpleasant fact – Voyager’s success, or indeed any success in space exploration, may prove impossible to replicate, because the problem is the fuel supplying space probes, or rather its … lack.

    The original goal of the Voyager spacecraft was to investigate Jupiter and Saturn, but after success, it was decided to extend the mission to study the remaining planets of the solar system and then interstellar space. The place where the heliosphere ends, and the interstellar space begins, is quite contractual and therefore some researchers claim that the probe crossed the border a year ago.

    Voyager 1 is currently about 19 billion kilometers from the sun, the fastest moving object we have ever built, and the radio signal takes up to 17 hours to reach the Earth. Sending the probe would not have been possible without the fuel the probe was powered on. And it’s plutonium-238, whose reserves are at the finish.

    Voyager and other space exploration probes, such as Galileo or Cassini, and even the Martian Curiosity Mars rover, are powered by radioisotope thermoelectric generators in which fuel is plutonium-238. At present, this is the only known type of space vehicle power for such long missions. Solar panels are too inefficient, and they lose value as they get away from the sun, chemical batteries do not last long enough, and nuclear reactors are too heavy to be able to reach their orbit.

    Plutonium-238 is a radioactive isotope (one of fifteen isotopes of plutonium), which releases large amounts of heat during its disintegration. It is heat that is converted into electricity, powered by spaceships.

    The biggest problem is that after the end of the Cold War, this element ceased to be produced and uses only stockpiles. Its manufacturing process is closely linked to nuclear weapons technology.

    Since 1993, the entire platoon used by the US was purchased from Russia, but in 2009 Americans were denied the sale of another portion of fuel. According to unofficial information, the US in 2005 had 87 pounds of element (about 40 kg), only 1/3 of which was dedicated to NASA. The rest was held as a reserve for underwater spy devices.

    Researchers estimate that NASA currently has no more than 36 pounds of plutonium in its hands – so much does not give the Agency too much room to maneuver. Researchers estimate that it would only be enough for one major mission. And yes it is planned. In the near future, a probe will be sent into the cosmos to examine one of the moons of Jupiter – Europe. It is predicted that under liquid ice cover liquid water may be present, but to search for signs of life the probe would need even 47 pounds of plutonium. Another mission, which is already in its advanced …

  • American firefighters use drones
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    American firefighters use drones

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    Firefighters from the United States have so far not had a good view of drones, which often bothered them in extinguishing fires. However, Footville firefighters believe that flying aircraft can be very useful in their work and have decided to use them for new tasks.

    A few months ago, American firefighters had a lot of trouble with drones, which were piloted by reckless owners to interfere in their duties. It even happened that they threatened helicopters and extinguishers, so the authorities of several states introduced legislation that would allow firefighters to destroy unmanned rockets on their way.

    Perhaps soon firefighters will change the task of these machines, because the Footville command began to use them in their work. Captain Kris Ommodt emphasizes that it can be very useful to find missing people. It may happen that a demented person will leave home and forget how to go back to him, so he will wander the streets. Firefighters using the dron will be able to see the searcher much better from the bird’s eye view, relaying this information to rescuers who will be able to reach him without difficulty.…

  • A new speed record of a vehicle moving on a magnetic cushion
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    A new speed record of a vehicle moving on a magnetic cushion

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    MagLev technology has been used for years in high-speed magnetic trains in Japan and China, and plans to build such connections in the US can not be without their engineers. US Air Force tests have established a new speed record for this type of vehicle.

    MagLev technology is one of the most interesting inventions of recent years that literally levitates vehicles suspended in the air thanks to the electromagnetic field. This eliminates the friction associated with wheel contact with the ground and, as a result, the vehicle can develop high speeds, which is used in high-speed trains built in Japan.

    How big can be the speed, showed the American Air Force, which recently, on the base of the Holloman base carried out the operation of speed record beating. First they managed to reach a speed of 820 km / h by setting a new record, and a few days later beat him, reaching a speed of 1012 km / h. For comparison, the highest speed of trains with MagLev technology is currently 592 km / h.

    In order to break the record, superconducting liquid helium magnets mounted on a 630 m track were used, and rocket propulsion was used to achieve an acceleration of 278 m / s.…


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