A new speed record of a vehicle moving on a magnetic cushion

A new speed record of a vehicle moving on a magnetic cushion

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MagLev technology has been used for years in high-speed magnetic trains in Japan and China, and plans to build such connections in the US can not be without their engineers. US Air Force tests have established a new speed record for this type of vehicle.

MagLev technology is one of the most interesting inventions of recent years that literally levitates vehicles suspended in the air thanks to the electromagnetic field. This eliminates the friction associated with wheel contact with the ground and, as a result, the vehicle can develop high speeds, which is used in high-speed trains built in Japan.

How big can be the speed, showed the American Air Force, which recently, on the base of the Holloman base carried out the operation of speed record beating. First they managed to reach a speed of 820 km / h by setting a new record, and a few days later beat him, reaching a speed of 1012 km / h. For comparison, the highest speed of trains with MagLev technology is currently 592 km / h.

In order to break the record, superconducting liquid helium magnets mounted on a 630 m track were used, and rocket propulsion was used to achieve an acceleration of 278 m / s.

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