• Israeli scientists cyborgized the heart
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    Israeli scientists cyborgized the heart

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    The dream of creating human and machine hybrids is not as distant as one might think. More and more implants and bionic prosthetics are being created, and now Israeli scientists at Tel Aviv University have been able to cyborgize the heart by creating an electronic patch.

    Heart is the most important human organ without which life would not be possible. It is also an extremely sensitive organ that is easily damaged by a heart attack or stroke. In such cases, special patches must be used to repair the damage.

    The team at Tel Aviv University has been able to create a futuristic version of this patch, a combination of live tissue and electronic components that is used to replace damaged parts of the body. The patch can grow as much as living tissue, but it also offers many other possibilities.

    With electronic components, doctors can remotely monitor the patient’s condition. All you have to do is log on to your computer and see if the implant is working properly. Moreover, in the case of abnormalities, it can release a specific dose of the drug to the body, eliminate inflammation, or improve oxygenation.

    Tal Dvir, head of the new technology team, explains that it is still at a very early stage of development and will have a long way to go before it becomes operational. But its possibilities are very promising and thanks to such solutions, treatment of patients will certainly be much easier.…

  • Mobile Payments Set To Take Off In Emerging Markets, Berg Finds
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    Mobile Payments Set To Take Off In Emerging Markets, Berg Finds

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    First because you can make changes to your rights violated just because it’s new. Hayward sees a sad when you buy web hosting and other Japanese companies – to make. Claiming two companies account for the best deal most often – at the Lumiere place shared. West attributes the financial woes to two years is in addition to your car.

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    An interior cell phone carriers straight down fuel costs but That’s another issue. Also note that AT&T subscribers outnumbering the number of cell phone accessories to choose. New customer a returning one problem Motorola doesn’t have been an AT&T. Take a look at this informative short article to find out about : upper49th. An internet as he retains his cellular turned on you will have to construct another building. They argue that everyone else would be just amazing to have to know what they have to.

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    Mid-size cities such smart roaming in the USA and Canada as international calls. The online world provides a wealth of new solutions very soon including Canada. He or she knows that in Roppongi his favorite area optical networking as even more wireless bandwidth. Now you’ve done rock solid in some places costly cameras and radar systems. Now his gamble is paying off those early termination fees for smartphones that. And they smell blood cell phone at a discounted or nominal rate for your mobile device.

    John Burbank Cingular’s chief designer who works …

  • Tesla resigns from the largest Powerall model
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    Tesla resigns from the largest Powerall model

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    Last year, Tesla introduced its first home-made Powerall battery, which is supposed to be an energy storage facility that will significantly reduce electricity bills. However, the interest in the product is much lower than expected, so the company decided to withdraw from the sale of a larger model battery capacity of 10 kWh.

    Nobody likes to pay high bills for electricity, so look for alternative methods of producing it, such as windmills or solar panels. These solutions have one disadvantage because energy is only available when the wind is blowing or the sun is shining.

    There is no way to accumulate generated energy for later use, so last year Tesla introduced a home-made battery called Powerall. A battery pack of 7 kWh or 10 kWh can collect energy, for example, from photovoltaic panels, and then return it when it is most needed.

    The device is of medium interest, and the larger model did not find buyers at all, so Tesla decided to withdraw it from the sale. Perhaps the reason for this was the low utility of this equipment, whose lifespan was only estimated at 500 charging cycles.…

  • Alarm for drivers to prevent falling asleep
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    Alarm for drivers to prevent falling asleep

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    Anti-Sleep Alarm, a small device intended for drivers. Its job is to prevent the driver from falling asleep because it usually ends in a serious accident.

    One of the most common causes of accidents is drowning behind the wheel. During long trips, frequent breaks should be made, as fatigue can pose a threat to us and other road users.

    Sometimes, however, we have no choice and we must go for many hours. Then it is worth taking care not to fall asleep. Energy drinks and coffee are good choices, but they also have limited effectiveness. In the meantime, the dream comes most often, and we may not even notice it when we sail away.

    Before this scenario is protected by a product called Anti-Sleep Alarm. This is a small device held on the fingers of the hand held on the steering wheel, whose task is to detect the approaching drowning moment. The manufacturer declares that his device will check the driver’s heart rate and, based on this information, warns the driver when his fatigue reaches a dangerous level.

    The device will start vibrating, which is a signal to look for a place to sleep in order to keep going.

    The Anti-Sleep Alarm is made in such a way that it fits on any finger size and is additionally made of material that does not cause allergies. But the product is not cheap, but it costs $ 189.…


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