Tesla resigns from the largest Powerall model

Tesla resigns from the largest Powerall model

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Last year, Tesla introduced its first home-made Powerall battery, which is supposed to be an energy storage facility that will significantly reduce electricity bills. However, the interest in the product is much lower than expected, so the company decided to withdraw from the sale of a larger model battery capacity of 10 kWh.

Nobody likes to pay high bills for electricity, so look for alternative methods of producing it, such as windmills or solar panels. These solutions have one disadvantage because energy is only available when the wind is blowing or the sun is shining.

There is no way to accumulate generated energy for later use, so last year Tesla introduced a home-made battery called Powerall. A battery pack of 7 kWh or 10 kWh can collect energy, for example, from photovoltaic panels, and then return it when it is most needed.

The device is of medium interest, and the larger model did not find buyers at all, so Tesla decided to withdraw it from the sale. Perhaps the reason for this was the low utility of this equipment, whose lifespan was only estimated at 500 charging cycles.

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