• Billion users have lost their data
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    Billion users have lost their data

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    The WhatsApp and Telegram vulnerability has allowed hackers to gain complete control over user accounts, including chat tracking, access to photos, audio and video, and contacts.

    “The new vulnerability has exposed hundreds of millions of WhatsAppa Web and Telegram Web users to the risk of taking over an entire account,” said Oded Vanunu, head of vulnerability research at Check Point, who discovered and reported the threat. – By sending an innocent-looking photo, the attacker could take control of access to history, photos and news.

    The vulnerability detected allowed an attacker to send a malicious code hidden in a graphic file. At the moment the victim opened the image, the attacker gained full access to her account. Then by sending a malicious file to all contacts, he could repeat the incident to a much larger scale.

    WhatsApp and Telegram are some of the most popular instant messengers with 1 billion and 100 million users worldwide. Due to the security of this encrypted end-to-end message, the programs are generally recognized as very well protecting the privacy of the users. Unfortunately, the encryption itself has proven to be a source of danger in a sense. Because messages were encrypted on the sender’s side, WhatsApp and Telegram were unable to reach the content, and consequently were unable to identify the malicious content before sending.…

  • Google Maps will provide fuel prices on stations
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    Google Maps will provide fuel prices on stations

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    A few days ago, Google Maps finally became available offline, which would definitely increase the interest in this navigation system among drivers who no longer have to pay extra for it. So they will have a new function to show current fuel prices at the stations.

    Drivers know that fuel prices at each gas station can vary widely, depending on where they are located. The differences between individual cities can be even several dozens, so planning a longer trip is worth taking this into account because you can save a bit.

    Unfortunately, we had to do it manually by manually searching the prices on the Internet for each station, but now it will be easier for us to Google Maps. Google has enriched this popular navigation system with information on the fuel prices for each station that the driver has on the scheduled route. The application will give us the exact price of each fuel, which will allow you to schedule refueling so that you can save as much money as possible.…

  • British fighters launched raids on ISIS
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    British fighters launched raids on ISIS

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    A few hours after the British House of Commons allowed the ISIS to tighten up its operations, Tornado fighter jets carried out their first bombing mission in Syria.

    Michael Fallon, British Defense Minister, informed the first raid on oil extraction installations on Thursday.

    Airplanes took off from British military bases in Cyprus, where eight Tornado fighters were stationed. In the future they will be joined by two more “tornados” and six Typhoon fighters.

    Flying in the colors of the RAF Panavia Tornado, which flew in 1974, was created as a European response to the growing power of the USSR. The first combat use occurred during Operation Desert Storm.

    Panavia Tornado did not stand for F-14 Tomcat in terms of performance. Two combined motors of over 80 kN (with an afterburner of up to 150 kN) enabled Mach to reach 2.2 (that is, about 2,400 km / h) and a range of up to 3,800 km with attached fuel tanks. The maximum ceiling of the flight is also impressive: the Tornado could rise as high as 15400 meters.

    Under the wings of this plane, it was possible to transfer practically any type of air weaponry that at that time was owned by the United Kingdom or the Federal Republic of Germany. Sidewinder air-to-air missiles or ASRAAMs served to defend and destroy other planes. The arsenal intended for destroying ground targets included Maverick, ALARM or conventional and nuclear bombs.…


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