Google Maps will provide fuel prices on stations

Google Maps will provide fuel prices on stations

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A few days ago, Google Maps finally became available offline, which would definitely increase the interest in this navigation system among drivers who no longer have to pay extra for it. So they will have a new function to show current fuel prices at the stations.

Drivers know that fuel prices at each gas station can vary widely, depending on where they are located. The differences between individual cities can be even several dozens, so planning a longer trip is worth taking this into account because you can save a bit.

Unfortunately, we had to do it manually by manually searching the prices on the Internet for each station, but now it will be easier for us to Google Maps. Google has enriched this popular navigation system with information on the fuel prices for each station that the driver has on the scheduled route. The application will give us the exact price of each fuel, which will allow you to schedule refueling so that you can save as much money as possible.

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