• Virtual walk with NASA astronauts
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    Virtual walk with NASA astronauts

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    The US space agency invites all those willing to participate in NASA astronaut training. Each of us, thanks to VR technology, can feel like a true astronaut performing at a training center in Houston.

    NASA very often provides the world with various materials related to the conquest of space. Most often, these are videos astronauts boarded on the International Space Station showing their daily lives and experiments.

    This time the agency prepared something much better. Using Harmony’s VR technology and solutions, it created a spherical video depicting three different perspective astronaut training sessions held at the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory in Houston. The resort has an enormous swimming pool and the actual size of the replica of the International Space Station. There are simulations of future missions done on board, and water simulates the conditions of weightlessness.…

  • Elon Musk strengthens the tesli loader
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    Elon Musk strengthens the tesli loader

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    Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk has announced the new generation of Supercharger V3 loaders. The new model of electric vehicle battery charging system will have a power of 350 kW. The time it takes to prepare your vehicle for further driving will be greatly reduced.

    Pretty significant drawback of electric cars, is still a long battery charging time. Their manufacturers are working on new generations of much more powerful chargers that should shorten this time.

    This field is dominated by Tesla Motors, which for the owners of their vehicles have for some time been offering Supercharger, the so-called. Fast loading stations. American engineers are constantly working to improve this device, and its third generation will be coming soon.

    Elon Musk revealed that the Supercharger V3 will have a power of 350 kW, which will greatly accelerate the battery charging. This is certainly not the last word of the engineers of the American concern who will continue to strive to increase the power of charging systems. If they manage to get a power of 700 kW, then theoretically a vehicle equipped with 70 kWh batteries will be charged in 6 minutes. It will take almost enough time to refuel a vehicle with an internal combustion engine.…


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