• Unlocking iphona cost the FBI $ 1.3 million
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    Unlocking iphona cost the FBI $ 1.3 million

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    The ongoing dispute between Apple and the FBI about unlocking an iPhone belonging to one of San Bernardino’s shooters ended with the help of one of the companies that helped get the information on it. Now we find out that this service was extremely expensive.

    I recently recalled that a few weeks ago there was a heated debate between the Apple and the FBI, who wanted to get to the information in the iPhone 5s belonging to one of the San Bernardino shooters involved in the terrorist attack.

    The office thought that there might be important information for the investigation, but the smartphone was equipped with security measures to protect against the unauthorized access of unauthorized persons who could only deactivate the owner. Investigators turned to Apple to demand hardware unlocking, but the American company did not want to hear it, hiding the privacy of its users.

    Finally, the smartphone unlocked an external company, and as it turns out, the cost of the operation totaled approximately $ 1.34 million. This is not the official amount, of course, but only the calculations of Reuters journalists who made them on the basis of James Faye, the director of the FBI.…

  • 3D home theater projector
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    3D home theater projector

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    Panasonic intends to conquer home theater systems with a new projector designed by Hollywood filmmakers

    Panasonic Full HD 3D The PT-AT6000E offers 2400 lumens of brightness, a high contrast ratio of 500,000: 1 and all of this makes for a realistic looking image.

    The PT-AT6000E incorporates a 220W Red Rich Lamp for extra intense red, allowing you to display vivid images and great-looking colors. The new design of the prism and the lens of better convergence helps to achieve high brightness, deeper blackness and rich color. Panasonic’s Pure Contrast Plate, Pure Color Filter Pro and Smooth Screen technology in the PT-AT6000E provide one of the best image quality from a projector.

    Functionality for 3D quality, Motion Remaster improves the unnatural 3D movement that results from the use of the shutter system. 3D Snapshot technology opens and closes the shutter to change the left and right lenses, resulting in 3D images. At the same time, however, there is a slight lag of 1/120 s between each eye which creates an unnatural parallax. To solve this problem, the projector interpolates the image, compensating for 1/120 s delay, so the motion in the 3D image is smooth. 3D Viewing Monitor and 3D Picture Balance enhance your viewing experience in 3D and protect your users. The monitor verifies that the parallax of 3D images is within the safe limits set by the 3D Consortium.…

  • Review of the Sony Ericsson MDC-60

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    Introduction of the Sony Ericsson MDC-60

    The introduction of a new assortment of handsets, among which was the dazzling W880i manufactured by the Sony Ericsson Company which feature a cradle and new speakers and also a Bluetooth-transmitter. This review is going to be base on the newly introduce Sony Ericsson MDC-60.

    Design of the Sony Ericsson MDC-60

    Firstly, let’s start with the melody crib of the Sony Ericsson MDC-60. In broad-spectrum it repeats the design of the earlier devices of this category, for instance, the CDS-60 is quite similar in design with the Sony Ericsson MDC-60. Except the color is entirely dissimilar; the black color it possesses fits the accessory splendidly. Furthermore, when connecting a handset in the crib purplish-blue backlighting blazes up in its lower region, exact at the position where the Infrared porthole is situated. Parenthetically, if a procurer connects the Sony Ericsson MDC-60 in a reprehensible manner, the back-lighting will not intermittent light, according to my findings it usually occurs when procurers of the W950i connect the cradle with the device. The accessory’s base is house to two Fast Port slots: one for linking mains cord and the other one for tune wire, and USB wire is not functional. As a procurer would possibly know that Sony Ericsson Company delivers two kinds of music wires: MMC-70 with 3.5 mm jack and MMC-60 with two plugs; with this crib any can be used.

    Control of the Sony Ericsson MDC-60

    The crib comes operational with a far-flung control. It is sculpted after the Sony Ericsson Company’s brand chic, and is rather evocative of the far-flung control for W950i. The appliance drains energy from a round cell, a procurer may modify: to unlock its section just press on the lock. Using this technique a user can supervise playback mode such as Play, rewinding, volume control, and Stop; launch radio duo with crib works moderately fine, conceivably the crib doubles as a transmitter. Above that, a procurer may respond or finish a call by means of the keys with very recognizable cipher. Regrettably, when the phone is placed on a cradle, it will be difficult for a procurer to turn it on. The significant information is that the far-flung control and crib work even when no wire is connected, signifying that it is an individual device. Some fascinating feature about this phone is that to initiate playback a procurer should only push the key “Play” on the far-flung, without having to commence the handset’s player by hand. In any case, it worked for the Sony Ericsson W950i; one would hope that this will also BE imitated by for other handsets manufacturers.

    Currently let’s envisage how possibly it would use to achieve the best. Connecting the MDC 60 in a residence stereo by means of the music wire and placing a charger into the socket we’ll get charging-added-music station, which is much probable to be not the primary one in one’s home. Usually, a procurer applies it in …

  • Ink in the new apple keyboard?
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    Ink in the new apple keyboard?

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    Reddit forum users say that Apple plans to make a major change in the Magic Keyboard keyboard. One of them saw a prototype of a new model of such equipment. It was equipped with E-Ink technology, known from ebook readers.

    It has been rumored for some time that Apple wants to make some changes to the MacBook Pro keyboards, where the function keys will be replaced with a touch-sensitive OLED panel. This solution will allow you to easily adapt the functionality of the keyboard to specific applications, thus facilitating their operation.

    Perhaps the American concern will not, however, limit itself to a new idea only to laptops and will also apply it to desktop computers. One of the Reddit forum users claims to have been a guest at Foxconn’s event at the Chinese Tsinghua University.

    There was a presentation of the prototype of a new generation Magic Keyboard keyboard, which instead of the traditional buttons, had displays in e-ink technology. The hardware was a very early prototype and was only for testing, so the chance that this keyboard will soon appear on store shelves is currently very low.…

  • Touch Bar on MacBook Pro changed to piano
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    Touch Bar on MacBook Pro changed to piano

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    Owners of the new MacBook Pro are increasingly creative in using the latest in their accessories. The Touch Bar, replacing the function keys, was transformed into a piano.

    The recently introduced MacBook Pro has several improvements over previous generations. One of them is the so-called. Touch Bar, a touch screen OLED that replaces the function keys. As it is a standard touch screen, you can tailor the function keys to a specific application, making it a much more comfortable job.

    However, MacBook users quickly realized the new possibilities of using the Touch Bar, which go beyond the standard display of keys. A few weeks ago, one of the developers showed that it was possible to run Doom on it.

    Now another specialist has created an application that changes the display to a piano. The tool is called the Touch Bar Piano and is a free application that presents piano keys on the screen, allowing you to create music.…


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