• Touch Bar on MacBook Pro changed to piano
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    Touch Bar on MacBook Pro changed to piano

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    Owners of the new MacBook Pro are increasingly creative in using the latest in their accessories. The Touch Bar, replacing the function keys, was transformed into a piano.

    The recently introduced MacBook Pro has several improvements over previous generations. One of them is the so-called. Touch Bar, a touch screen OLED that replaces the function keys. As it is a standard touch screen, you can tailor the function keys to a specific application, making it a much more comfortable job.

    However, MacBook users quickly realized the new possibilities of using the Touch Bar, which go beyond the standard display of keys. A few weeks ago, one of the developers showed that it was possible to run Doom on it.

    Now another specialist has created an application that changes the display to a piano. The tool is called the Touch Bar Piano and is a free application that presents piano keys on the screen, allowing you to create music.…


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