• Unlocking iphona cost the FBI $ 1.3 million
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    Unlocking iphona cost the FBI $ 1.3 million

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    The ongoing dispute between Apple and the FBI about unlocking an iPhone belonging to one of San Bernardino’s shooters ended with the help of one of the companies that helped get the information on it. Now we find out that this service was extremely expensive.

    I recently recalled that a few weeks ago there was a heated debate between the Apple and the FBI, who wanted to get to the information in the iPhone 5s belonging to one of the San Bernardino shooters involved in the terrorist attack.

    The office thought that there might be important information for the investigation, but the smartphone was equipped with security measures to protect against the unauthorized access of unauthorized persons who could only deactivate the owner. Investigators turned to Apple to demand hardware unlocking, but the American company did not want to hear it, hiding the privacy of its users.

    Finally, the smartphone unlocked an external company, and as it turns out, the cost of the operation totaled approximately $ 1.34 million. This is not the official amount, of course, but only the calculations of Reuters journalists who made them on the basis of James Faye, the director of the FBI.…


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