• Phillips 1GB/Go Digital Audio Player: This MP3 Player is a Bargain and Easy to Use

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    Do you want the luxury of owning a MP3 player, yet don’t want to pay over a hundred dollars for it? Then check out Phillips IGB/Go digital player. It holds up to 450 songs, is small in size and weight, plus it is easy to upload songs onto and it is easy to use.
    I have been wanting a MP3 player for a while now. I thought owning one, would help me in my battle to exercise. I could stick the player into my pocket, put on the headphones and walk to my hearts content, listening to the music I love. Yet, I feared that it would be to complicated to upload the music on to and I didn’t like most of the prices of the MP3 players I saw. Yet, I never really looked.

    But my husband did. He knew I wanted one and probably would never go and buy one. So on his lunch break, he began checking out our local electronic stores and retail stores. He found the Phillips 1GB/Go and brought it home to me.

    I like the color of it. The facing is white and dark blue. The buttons are actually big enough that even a man’s finger can operate them.

    Now after examining it physically, I went began the journey of transferring my music ont it.

    First, I downloaded the software that came with it. That was easy. The CD told me what to do step by step.

    Then I decided what player I wanted to use. I have a couple of media players stored onto my computer. I choose the RealPlayer. Now I really began. First, I installed the triple A battery that came with it and attached the USB cord that also came with the player onto the player and onto my computer. It was rather short in length, but still worked. Then I clicked on the burn transfer button. I had to then clicked on the tab to add a new device. Since I had all ready downloaded the software, the computer found the device easily. Then I choose which playlist I wanted to copy and clicked on it. In a few moments, my songs began to transfer.

    I unplugged the player from the computer, attached the earplugs, hit the play button and hoped for the best. Guess what, I actually hear music through the earphones. I did it.

    The price of the player was $59.97 without tax.

    I am well satisfied with the player. It holds enough songs for me. It is easy to use. Now I have no excuse for not getting outside and walking.…


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