• How to connect the external speakers to your television system

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    Everyone had a television and external speakers at their home in order to greatly enjoy the favorite music and film with the stereo sounds. When you are considering basic speakers which are all built-in into the television system with compact and at the same time, they are inadequate to deliver the best type of quality sound which you desire. When you have spent more money and time to choose the tv set with the large screen then you must also need to put the same effort to prepare the excellent audio system in order to make a perfect environment to enjoy your movies. Check detail instruction about how to connect speakers to TV.

    Connecting speakers to the TV set:

    When the individuals who have a television set at your home and you are not satisfied with the sound quality of its internal speakers, you can definitely have a greater opportunity to connect the external speakers with your television. The most convenient and practical way to enjoy your favorite movies or music in your television with the extraordinary sound quality is to pair the television directly to the home theatre system or to the stereo system. For this purpose of making connection between the television system and the speakers, you can make use of the digital and analog connections.

    Once you have decided to use the analog connection to connect external speakers to the television set, you will probably require 4 to 6 feet of analog audio cable with the mini-plug jacks and stereo RCA. If your device gives a greater support to the HDMI connections, then you have to be sure to choose such cables too based on your choice. At the same time, you can also make use of the small flashlight which may be handy to enlighten the dark corners behind the television and the receiver.

    Steps to connect speakers and television:

    1. In the first step, you have to place the stereo amplifier or receiver as close as possible to your television set while even simpler to reach some other devices such as DVD player, satellite/cable set top box and etc. You have to place your television only within the 4 to 6 feet distance from the stereo receiver otherwise you should need to use longer size of connection cable. Before starting your cable connections, you have to make sure all equipment has already been turned off.
    2. Locate a digital or analog audio output jack on your TV. For analog connection, you can use AUDIO OUT or you can go for the HDMI OUT port or optical digital output for the digital sound.
    3. In this step, you have to locate the unused analog audio input on the stereo amplifier or receiver.
    4. With the help of the cable with the relevant plugs on every end, you must make a connection between the television audio output to the amplifier/receiver audio input.
    5. Once everything is done and plugged in, you can turn on amplifier/receiver and your


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