Upper 49th is an Entertainment Media company that executes near a couple of decades headed by Rafael Rose. Here in you can find very specific and curate stories beating all around the entertainment industry. Located in USA, we post & run funny stories and viral content respectively only with the determination to droll the crowd. By considering all the age groups we suit to the taste of visitors across the world.
Upper 49th keep posting its web page with variety of information, updates on various entertaining topics. To put in very simple, it is your one-step shop to explore and stake what is happening around the world, say for right from the street-side to net café. Our stories from the heart of the narrative would fetch the audience to the seats of emotional, experience towards empathetic sometimes, maximizing the curiosity and suspense inherency et al. Keeping all in one thought, business name is established – a premium infotainment company from the place that executes to create innovative and immersive entertainment + information = infotainment.
Editorial Desk
Our team of expertise editorial team catches all the stuff and filter by the parameters of share worthy, descent enough, and to be brought to one’s mind those who reads and/or watches it with positive flows. You can find a heap of stuffs that include but not just limited to: funny video, fun lists, picture collages, memes, lampoons, caricatures, video stories, stand up comedies, et al that are on worth sharing.
To be very simple, our crew is cabined with writers, technologists, psychologists, team of user experience, to deliver what business name would actually bannered and to predict with greater positive numbers of what future would rank us.
Upper 49th unbridles all the prospective categories and provide information right from lifestyle, humour, men & women, celebrities & movies, sports& the players, books & the authors, foods & travel and latest technology. You can find stories & information about the untouched corners of such categories, turning business name into a utopia to surf a lot!

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